Saturday, October 11, 2008

CSA 2008 Downloading and Updating just got easier!

I finally broke down and bought a good install building program to make installation of CSA 2008 as well as the updates easier.

If you have ever had trouble downloading Car Sales Assistant 2008, you can now download it here.

Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP

Windows Vista:

To update to the newest version (3.0.2) download and run the updater program


Thursday, October 9, 2008

How to be Successful in this Economy

By now, I'm sure you have seen the results of the media and presidential election created bad economy. I know I have. By the way, this is my 4th election selling cars and they are bad times economically! Why? Because you have two guys running who are spouting nothing but negativity against each other all over the mass media. You have presidents spouting something they know nothing about (economics) saying "If this bailout doesn't pass, we will be in another great depression!" Uh--it passed and the stock market is tanking... You have CEO's of auto-makers worried more about selling fewer cars and saving a few bucks per car thank how to sell more cars! Wow--how did we get from there to here? Was it just people buying homes they couldn't afford? Was it me talking a bank into approving someone who had no business buying a car? Was it a war that jacked up fuel prices that made broke people broker? Was it lack of leadership? Was it the media? Yes--all of the above and more.

Today, when I was getting ready for and walking to my car, my neighbor came up to me and asked, "How are you selling cars when banks are not financing them anymore?"

Thanks, media!

"I sold 4 in the last 2 days," I answered.

"Wow--how in the world did you get them financed?"

Thanks, media!

"Just like all the ones for the last 12 years," I explained. "I take their credit information, submit them to a bank, and get them approved."

Maybe the banks have tightened up, maybe not. I haven't noticed. Everyone who has come in front of me and wanted to buy a car has gotten approved with the exception of one guy who wanted to buy a Corvette with no credit, no job, etc. The so-called credit crunch made no difference for him.

Now granted, banks are tightening up but don't you have more than one bank you can submit a customer to?

OK--how to be successful in today's "bad" economy.

  • Stay away from the newspapers, news on tv, the internet--they have nothing good to say.
  • If someone walks on the lot, greet them, do a great job building excitement and value and sell them. I promise you this--they would not be wasting the gas to come on the lot if they weren't interested.
  • Stay away from the other salespeople--let them have their huddles talking about how bad it is. Walk right past them and grab every "up" you can.
  • Tell customers it is a great opportunity. 12 years in the car business and I have never seen deals like the ones we have (over $8000 in rebates on certain vehicles).
  • Maybe use the credit thing as a close. "If I can find a bank that still has money, would you like to get some of it before they run out?"
  • DO NOT CHECK TO SEE HOW MUCH YOU HAVE IN YOUR 401k! You will just depress yourself. It will come back--just like it does EVERYTIME it falls (which has been about 20 times in my life alone and I am 41 years old.)
  • Do a better job following up. 2 out of 4 of my sales in the last 2 days were from repeat customers and I have a few more in the works.
  • Smile all day--it is catchy!
  • Send out a post card to everyone in your database letting them know that you still have money to loan and that rates are cheaper than they have been in a long time.
That reminds me--my wife got a new credit card in the mail--the old one expired. You know what they guy on the phone asked? "Do you have any balance transfers? I can give you 1.9% for 1 year." Wow--what does that tell me? They would not be offering 1.9% if they were almost out of money.


  • Get ready for the "BOOM!" It will happen like it always does after a bust. I don't care which person wins next election--America will have a new and fresh outlook and there will be a boom.
Thanks for reading my ramblings and go out and sell a car today!

Monday, October 6, 2008

10 Tips for New Car Salespeople

I had someone just email me with 3 months in the business and asked me for some tips and here's what I emailed him in no particular order. If I would have known these years ago, I would be way better off today.

1) Stay away from other salespeople--especially below average ones. They will try to get you down to their level.

2) Treat everyone on the lot as a buyer. Never pre-qualify

3) Put everyone you talk to into CSA 2008.

4) Send something out every month to the people in CSA 2008 (postcards work great)

5) When someone leaves the lot and doesn't buy, call them as soon as they leave and leave a message on their home phone. "I have some great news--call me back as soon as you get this." If they are interested, they will call you back. Great news can be more for trade, new rebate, another car they can look at, etc.

6) Start high in negotiations--it's easier to go down than up.

7) Take every deal--mini or otherwise. They might refer someone that you can make some money on.

8) Test drive with your customers. If not, they will conspire against you.

9) Use a good greeting like "Welcome to ABC Motors. My name is Justin and you are...?" "John." "Nice to meet you John. Is this your first time up here or have you been here before?" Remember: He who asks the questions controls the sales process.

10) Never give up on a customer until they say NO at least 5 or 6 times. If they say NO 6 times, do a turn-over (TO) to your manager.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Update for Car Sales Assistant 2008

Hi, Everyone!

Been a very busy person--was salesperson of the month last month, am now leading the dealership in new car sales for the year and even started a two out rally in the 7th in softball today that got us the 4 runs to win the game!

But that has nothing to do with this post. Just wanted to brag a little bit!

Well, I now have a new update for Car Sales Assistant 2008 up and running. You can download the update here and if you are not sure how to update, please check out the tutorial here.

I've fixed some bugs and crashes and added some new cool looking menus (click the picture above to see them.) By the way--the kid in the pic is my son Alex--still too young to buy a car but cute none the less.

Please keep the bugs coming to me so I can squash them and thanks for all of your patience when waiting for fixes. I have been working hard on a new huge HUGE HHHHUUUUGGGGEEEE program that is about to hit in the next couple of days--something that I am very proud of.

Haven't purchased CSA 2008 yet? Visit my store and watch the sales happen!