Monday, June 28, 2010

New "Universal" CRM Coming!

Introducting Up-Sell CRM!

I have been selling Car Sales Assistant for over 10 years now with great success. I get a lot of questions, though, asking if I have a version for other fields such as real estate, boats, motor cycles, insurance, etc. I always put it on the back burner to write versions for all those other fields (and more) but it takes a lot of time to write custom CRM programs!

Well, I had a brain storm to write a "Universal" CRM that can be customized for ANY field out there. Heck--if you are a church pastor and want to keep track of your members, it can even be customized to this! They sky is the limit.

I think I am gonna call it "Up-Sell CRM" and it is finished. All I have to do is write the manual and put up the web site.

With this program, you (or I) can edit just about everything--views, quick links, fields that you use, what money totals do you show, colors, etc. Just about everything is customizable.

I get people who ask me, "Can you add a field for Social Security # to CSA?" Well, if you want a field for that, you can add it.

I am going to make it so people can upload their created-templates to my website for others to use and download ones that others have made. Perhaps someone has a better car sales CRM template than CSA? It is possible. By the way, the first template I will make will be a car sales one that works just like CSA to show the power of it.

Here are a few screen shots of where you can edit the fields.

The above picture shows where you can edit the personal items that you want to keep track of in your CRM.

This picture shows the "Sold" items to have in your CRM. You can also have a seperate template for unsold "Prospects"

More pictures and info coming soon so keep checking back!