Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Coming Soon:

Coming Soon:! Put away those paper logs!

Friday, April 9, 2010

I got an I-Pad!

I guess I fell into the hype--I got an I-Pad the other day. I really didn't need one (I have 3 computers, a MacBook that dual boots into Windows XP, an I-Phone) but I wanted one. I have been working hard lately selling cars and programming so I decided to reward myself.

It was funny--when I mentioned buying it, my wife said she would never use it (more on that later...)

Here are some of my initial feelings about the I-Pad.

  • The large touchscreen is really awesome.
  • The photo stuff is cool--the way you can pinch open groups of photos and view them in a cool origami fashion (you have to see it to believe it!)
  • I bought an App called "Star Walk"--it is so freaking cool. It knows where you are (based on GPS no doubt) and you can hold it up to the sky in any direction and see exactly where the stars are--it is almost like looking through a window at the heavens--only with cool constellation outlines, colors, music and more. Only $4.99 and worth every penny!!!
  • I downloaded the IBooks App and bought a book about Steve Jobs for $11.99 (about $5 cheaper than buying an actual book.) It is so cool reading on the I-Pad--you flick a page to turn it, you can look up words in a dictionary, it remembers what page you are on--and a lot of the classics are free (Mark Twain, Jack London, the Bible, etc.)
  • I'm listening to Pandora radio on my I-Pad right now--a live version of "Whole Lotta Love" by Zeppelin.
  • The I-Pad is also a big I-Pod!
  • I downloaded NetFlix and we watch streaming movies through the I-Pad.
  • The have a cool Marvel Comics App where you can get free comics and buy them for $1.99 on average. I don't read comics anymore but I could see how kids could love this App!
  • All I-Phone Apps work on the I-Pad.
  • Email and browsing the net are wonderful using your fingers instead of a mouse. Man--I can't say enough about it!
  • You can feel the quality--a glass screen, aluminum body, the colors and screen are crisp and sharp--man--Apple really has its shit together!
All in all, I was feeling stupid after buying it but once I got it home--I was hooked.

Oh yeah--speaking of my wife--she is very religious so when she found out she could read the Bible on it--she was hooked and said it was "very cool." Wow!